1. To support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education in the field of Health Care Management in LA Countries, in cooperation with HEIs from EU which are willing to bring their expertise and experience related to the specific objectives of the project.
  2. To support LA Countries in their improvement of quality, relevance, equity of access, planning, and delivery of training offers in Health Care Management of their Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).
  3. To contribute to the development of sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth in LA Countries, as well as an increased social cohesion and equity, thanks to a better access to enhanced quality and efficient health care services by means of an improved management of those healthcare services.
  4. To reinforce education in response to today's main challenges of LA countries (employment, economic stability and growth, as well as an active participation in democratic life), especially within the field of healthcare services, which are the ones that move the greatest amount of economic resources worldwide, employ the highest number of people and are able to produce, faster than by any other means, social equity, wealth redistribution and the full exercise of a social right: health.
  5. To enhance the relevance of higher education in the field of Health Care Management, for the labor market and the society, improving the level of competences and skills through innovative education programmes.
  6. To promote voluntary convergence of training offers in Health Care Management of Latin American HEIs, with developments in this field in European HEIs, helping along people to people contact, intercultural awareness and understanding, in a multi-county HEIs networking.


  1. To Develop and to implement a new constructive and collaborative Latin-American curricula in health care management using e-learning components and simulation-based training that contribute not only to the development of healthcare management specific knowledge and skills, but also of more transferable skills.
  2. To develop a Health Management Training Simulator, aimed not only at teaching healthcare management, but also at developing different scenarios for strategic planning and daily management of financing, regulatory and healthcare organizations.